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Texas Family Law Courts: Divorce essentials

Today will be our third installment in the Law Office of Bryan Fagan ’s series of blog posts on Family Law Court - what to expect from a case and how to best prepare for those situations and ...
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Annulment Essentials for Texas Residents

One of the least common family law cases that attorneys and courts run into are annulments. Divorces, child custody cases and even adoptions are more prevalent than annulments. Let’s spend ...
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An Explanation of the Grounds for Divorce in Texas

When a person walks into the Law Office of Bryan Fagan and seeks a consultation with one of our attorneys to discuss a divorce, the person will invariably get into their grievances that they have ...
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Is Adultery a Crime in Texas?

It is fairly well known that adultery is grounds for divorce in Texas and can impact how a judge rules in a Texas divorce proceeding. The State's laws take adultery into account when it comes to the ...
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My Spouse Has Accused Me of Adultery in my Texas Divorce and I Haven't

Recently I had a consult with a man who had going through a divorce in which his wife has accused him of committing adultery. During the consult, he informed me that yes during the marriage he did ...
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When is, Cheating Considered Adultery in a Texas Divorce?

What is adultery in Texas? Under Texas Family Code section 6.003 adultery is a legal term in Texas that means the voluntary sexual intercourse of a married person with one not the spouse. Burden of ...
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Sex, Lies, Rock-and-roll, and Adultery in a Texas Divorce

As a Houston, Texas divorce lawyer many of I get to hear about adultery frequently as topic from our clients. This despite Texas being a no fault divorce state which means if a spouse wants a divorce, ...
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