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During a divorce in Texas, not only are marital assets subject to division, but debts may be as well. Many are unaware that debts accumulated throughout the marriage are also considered for division during the divorce proceedings, often leading to shared responsibility between spouses.

If you’re approaching divorce with substantial debts, having a seasoned attorney is vital. The Law Office of Bryan Fagan, PLLC, boasts a team of Dallas-based lawyers skilled in negotiating debt division agreements. They are dedicated to ensuring fair outcomes and safeguarding their clients’ financial interests at every stage.

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The Approach to Debt Division in Texas

Texas’ approach to debt division in divorce differs from other states. Not all debts acquired during a marriage are automatically split. The courts examine each debt’s circumstances, determining if it should remain the responsibility of the spouse who incurred it. This is particularly true if the debt was based on one spouse’s assets alone.

However, certain debts are typically viewed as shared responsibilities:

  • Debts incurred by one spouse acting on behalf of the other
  • Expenditures on basic necessities such as food, shelter, medical care, and clothing

While these categories seem straightforward, there can be ambiguities that require judicial interpretation. If you have concerns about how your marital debt might be evaluated in your divorce, it’s time to consult an attorney who is committed to defending your financial future.

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