Educational Opportunities in Richmond, TX

Educational Opportunities in Richmond, TX

When Richmond TX is brought up in discussion, one of the first things that many people will mention is the terrific performance of its public school district, Lamar consolidated Independent School district. This is a school district that is decades old and has served Fort Bend County with a great deal of success. Students who have been educated in recent years from Lamar consolidated Independent School district have earned titles such as gates Millennium scholars, national blue-ribbon scholars, rodeo art grand champions as well as state athletic champions. If you choose to move to Richmond and your students attend class in a Lamar consolidated Independent School district school, then you have put them on the short track to achievement both inside and outside the classroom.

One of the great parts about living in a town like Richmond is that the school district which serves your Newtown takes pride in its small class sizes and school enrollment. At the high school level, none of the six high schools have an enrollment above 2500 students. Three of the six high schools have enrollments under 2000 students. Of the six high schools in Lamar consolidated Independent School district, three are in Richmond itself. Whether your child would attend class at the high school level, junior high level, middle school level or elementary school level you should know that Lamar consolidated students are among the highest scores on standardized tests in the Houston area.

Beyond the high school level are many four-year universities which can serve both you and your children. Whether you are looking to complete a degree or start one from scratch, the Houston area his home to many well-regarded universities and colleges. Within the city of Houston, you have schools such as the University of Houston, Rice University, St. Thomas University, Houston Baptist University, Texas Southern University and the University of Houston Downtown campus. The University of Houston has a campus in Clear Lake, Texas which is located to the east of Richmond. Additionally, just beyond the Houston metropolitan area our universities such as Prairie View A and M, Lamar University, Sam Houston State University and Stephen F. Austin University.

If you or your children are not interested in earning a four-year degree, then attending class at Wharton County Junior College may be more to your liking. The junior college has a campus in Richmond itself and offers many programs and course offerings in academic as well as technological studies. Cosmetology, digital media, and technical offerings like process technology are available at the Richmond campus. Other programs offered at the Richmond campus include computer science, early childhood education, engineering, EMS, police, process technology and many more.

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