Government resources in Richmond, TX

Government Resources in Richmond, TX

Richmond is the county seat for Fort Bend County which means that local government offices and resources are widely available in your backyard if you choose to call this town “home.” For starters, Richmond operates under a system where commissioners are elected from throughout the town to oversee how the town budget is spent and resources are allocated. Additionally, a city manager will work with the commission as an appointed official.

If you are moving to Richmond, then you may have some interest in how to start utility services. There are six municipal utility districts (MUDs) which serve areas outside the city limits of Richmond and well as a utility provider for within the city of Richmond itself. You should first determine which MUD your home falls within so that you can complete an application. Proof of ownership of a home, identification as well as a deposit will all be needed for the starting of utility services.

Richmond’s Municipal Court has general jurisdiction over all misdemeanor offenses committed within the city limits as well as the territorial jurisdiction of the City of Richmond that are punished by a fine. If you receive any class C misdemeanor and need to attend court in Richmond, you may do so on Thursdays. This is when the municipal court holds hearings. A schedule for fines and fees can be found at the municipal court website:

Richmond is also home to a vibrant parks department. With so many people moving to Richmond and Fort Bend County in recent years there has been an increase in demand for park and outdoor facilities in the area. If you or a family member would like to rent a park, pavilion, or gazebo then you can do so in person at the Richmond City Hall Annex. There are five parks to choose from within the city of Richmond with different amenities available depending upon the location.

When it comes 2 solid waste and recycling collection services in Richmond you should know that solid waste collection occurs 2 times per week depending upon where you live. Certain locations will have trash pickup on Mondays and Thursdays while others will have pick up on Tuesdays and Fridays. For recycling, collection occurs one time per week for everyone on a Wednesday. Items accepted include news print, magazines, certain plastics, glass containers, aluminum cans, metal cans and cardboard. Yard waste and bulky waste collection occurs once per week on Wednesday.

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