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Rosenberg Child Custody Attorney
Your children are the most precious part of your life. If you find yourself in the midst of a child custody dispute, it might be beneficial to reach out to the knowledgeable and experienced team at our Rosenberg Law Office. Whether your case requires litigation or can be amicably resolved through mediation, you can rely on the Law Office of Bryan Fagan, PLLC and our Rosenberg child custody lawyers to guide you.
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Rosenberg Child Custody Attorney

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Your children are the cornerstone of your life. If you’re entangled in a child custody dispute, consider reaching out to our seasoned and empathetic team at our Rosenberg Law Office. Whether your situation necessitates litigation or can be harmoniously resolved through mediation, you can depend on the Law Office of Bryan Fagan, PLLC and our Rosenberg family custody attorneys to provide steadfast guidance.

Our child custody lawyer in Rosenberg, TX recognizes the uniqueness of each client’s circumstances. We afford every client personalized attention, empathy, and dignity. Furthermore, we endeavor to devise tailored solutions that align with each client’s individual needs and objectives.

Custody Mediation, Negotiation, & Litigation Services

When it concerns your children’s well-being, you wouldn’t want to entrust your child custody case to just anyone, would you? Our child custody attorneys in Rosenberg, Texas understand the emotional strain and overwhelming nature of child custody cases, especially those involving court proceedings. Our team possesses extensive experience handling custody cases and treats your case with utmost priority. We have aided numerous families throughout Texas.

We are dedicated to maintaining a thorough understanding of the Texas family law system. Our founding Attorney Bryan Fagan continually advances his legal education, placing him among the top 10% of Texan lawyers qualified to do so. With an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau, our team has unequivocally showcased their high level of professionalism and legal expertise.

Understanding Conservatorship in Texas

In Texas, the term “conservatorship” is employed instead of “custody”. Consequently, the parent who holds custody of the child is referred to as the “conservator”. This term further branches out into:

Two types of conservators: Managing conservator, Possessory conservator Two additional sub-categories: Sole managing conservator, Joint managing conservator

Types of Child Custody in Texas

Child custody can be arranged in various ways post-divorce. Both parents can have equal custody, or one parent may have majority or sole custody. These arrangements are typically determined by the court after assessing the parents and their relationship with their children, as well as their ability to cooperate in a joint custody arrangement.

  • Joint Custody: When both parents have some degree of custody over the children
  • Sole Custody: When one parent has primary custody over the child
  • Legal Custody: Designated for the parent who makes decisions regarding education, medical care, religion, etc.
  • Physical Custody: Designated for the parent that owns the residence where the child lives

The courts may award joint legal or physical custody and may require ex-spouses to share their time with the child equally or in a manner most convenient.

How Does the Court Determine the Best Interests of the Child?

When deciding on child custody, the court prioritizes the child’s best interests. To act in the child’s best interests, the court evaluates various factors including the child’s relationship with both parents, the parents’ willingness to foster a relationship between the child and the other parent, and more.

Why Mediation Benefits Both Parties

Texas courts encourage spouses to develop child custody plans together with a mediator. We can provide a dependable and supportive mediator who will assist you and your spouse in devising a custody plan that suits both of you and benefits the children. The judge typically adopts the parents’ plan unless it is not in the child’s best interests. This approach helps keep your children out of court and maintains a peaceful atmosphere at home.

Irrespective of the complexity of your situation, we strive to help clients achieve positive outcomes. Clients always work directly with our Rosenberg child custody lawyers, and we always aim to surpass expectations.

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