Writing My Book, the Journey I took to Write the: Texas Divorce Handbook

In the intro to my book I wrote about how I had been encouraged to write a book and how I did not want to write a book. Why not? Because, I did not believe I could find the time in my busy work and family life schedule.

The idea of writing a book was easier said than done, especially for attorneys who barely have enough time to manage their own cases, never less, write an entire book.

The idea did intrigue me though I thought if I could manage it a book would something nice that I could give my clients and potential clients to help educate them regarding the process of divorce.

The Idea that Allowed me to Write my Book

The idea that ultimately allowed me to write my book was when I learned how a couple other writers managed to write their books by compiling their blog articles into a book. What I had in my possession, were numerous blog posts, most of which were about family law and divorce.

These blogs included information that helps to prepare individuals who are contemplating a divorce for the challenges they will face prior to, during, and after the divorce process.

So rather than write a book, I decided to aggregate, curate, and update some of my most popular blog posts from the past few years.

I took some time to outline the book. I really wanted to tell people about divorce and family law, how it really works, what lawyers were like, and what they needed to know to survive and thrive through the Texas divorce process.

Once I had my outline I let my creative juices start flowing. It was then a matter of being patient as I wrote each blog articles that would later use to fill in the chapters of the book I had outlined. I wanted to create something that could be helpful to the reader, and I wanted my voice to come through in the writing.

Thank You

I want to thank my mother and friends who helped proof read my book. Their praise helped keep me going. One of my proofreaders told me “You have a very good work here with great information and a conversational tone. Well done!”

Educating My Clients and Consults

I imagined that the readers of my book would use it as a tool to successfully launch their divorce education I organized the information in a way to introduce them to each phase of the divorce process.

After reading the book I hoped that my readers would come away feeling like they were in more control then they realized and the process was not as scary as they imagined. This was what I have been told on more than one occasion in my consults and what I hoped I would be able to achieve for the readers of my book.

There was Still Work to Do

Once the manuscript was finished, I breathed a short sigh of relief, then realized there was still many other things to do: work on the cover design, write the introduction, write the book description, format the interior of the book, and get the book published.

Finally, after months of work on the manuscript, the end product, was finally done and is available for purchase on Amazon. I am now working on turning it into an audiobook that will be available for purchase on Audible.

I also give away for free multiple copies to my clients and potential clients who meet with me for a free consult. The book is called: “The Texas Divorce Handbook is your Step by Step Guide to Successfully Navigating Texas Divorce.”

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