What to think about prior to filing for divorce in Texas

All marriages go through difficult times. This is an unavoidable consequence of choosing to spend your life with another person. The decisions that you and your spouse make (or fail to make) will have a long lasting impact upon you and your children. Most of these difficult times that you and your spouse experience can be overcome but some spouses find themselves arriving at roadblocks in their relationship that seem like they will never be removed. It’s at times like these that despite hard work, counseling and a lot of careful thought a divorce may appear as the likely end result.

If you find yourself in a position where you are contemplating whether or not to get a divorce then this blog by the attorneys with the Law Office of Bryan Fagan, PLLC is for you. Surfing around the internet you may have seen attorney’s websites advertising “quick and easy” divorces where only a small fee will be charged of you. Or, you may have a cousin, aunt, friend or co-worker who got a divorce and are more than happy to tell you about their experience.

The point I’m trying to get to is that you will not suffer from lack of information during this process. A divorce is common legal case in our courts system and one that people enter into all the time. However, the quality of advice needs to be considered as well as the quantity. With that said, let’s discuss divorce and some items to think about prior to actually hiring a lawyer and beginning the process of filing to separate from your spouse.

Starting off fresh might mean filing for divorce

In a perfect world, everyone likes the idea of a clean break. For me, this brings images to mind of moving from one house to another. Instead of leaving a bunch of items at the old house and having to make constant trips back and forth to retrieve them, you can get a nice moving truck and pack everything the first time. You have an empty old house and a new house that is ready to be filled with your belongings. A divorce offers the opportunity to terminate the marriage between yourself and yourself, to divide up all the worldly possessions that you both own and to determine a set schedule for spending time with your children. All rights, duties and other specifics of raising the children will be determined in your divorce as well. Neat and tidy.

Preparing for a divorce can make this transition a great deal easier for you and your family. Family law attorneys know that divorces tend to be filed with greater frequency at the beginning of the calendar year right after the holiday season. With the holidays going on people will want to do what they can to create a “normal” experience for their children and their extended families. Another consideration is that people will typically spend a great deal of money during the fall and early winter months during the holidays. Divorces cost money (surprise!) and a lot of people need to “recuperate” after an expensive holiday season.

Divorce: The right move for some people but is it right for you?

As we begin to transition ourselves from back to school time to the fall holiday season, it is normal for your stress levels to be amped up. Even if you aren’t going to be hosting family for Thanksgiving you and your family are going to be stretched a little thin this time of year. Holiday parties, children’s sports leagues, school activities and other items are going to fill up your calendar just like they do every year. As you are being stretched thin your marriage may be experiencing the same sorts of stressors. When we feel like we’re being pushed to the edge of our patience level our spouse is usually the person closest by. Whether he or she has contributed to our stress levels is not always important. The holidays are a time that saying things that we regret to our spouses occurs with more regularity than we may like to admit to.

Divorce is not something to seriously begin considering immediately after a fight or argument. Just like you should go grocery shopping after not having eaten anything, you should not look around the internet for a divorce lawyer immediately after an argument over Christmas decorations with your spouse. You have people in your life to talk about your options- including and most importantly your spouse. If you and your spouse are willing to seek counseling rather than a divorce I would whole heartedly recommend that you talk about your emotions and frustrations rather than entering into a divorce.

If you’ve decided to move forward with a divorce, begin to prepare

Collecting documents from banks, financial institutions, etc. are important in order to begin your divorce. The reason being is that you will need the information contained in these documents in order to provide your attorney and the court with an accurate idea of where you and your spouse stand financially. Getting an accurate snapshot of your financial lives can allow you and your spouse to better negotiate over topics like child support, spousal maintenance and your community estate. It is crucial to understand that as a community property state, Texas law presumes that all property accumulated during the course of your marriage is community and owned “equally” by you and your spouse. If there are particular pieces of property that you consider to be your own then collecting documents to prove this should be a first step down the road to divorce?

Questions on how to prepare for a divorce? Contact the Law Office of Bryan Fagan, PLLC today

If you have found yourself on the road to a divorce for some time now it may be that you are subconsciously putting off filing for one reason or another. With the holidays fast approaching it is likely that the next few months will offer another convenient reason to not go ahead and seriously consider beginning the process.

If this describes you and your situation please feel free to contact the Law Office of Bryan Fagan, PLLC today. Our licensed family law attorneys offer free of charge consultations with in a friendly, no pressure environment. We are happy to answer questions and talk to you about our firm and the services we can provide you and your family with.


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