10 Most Popular Texas Family Law and Divorce Blogs of 2020?

Maybe you have recently started to think about divorce. Or, maybe you are in the middle of your divorce, but you have been so busy that you missed some of our blog posts that could help you a lot! I’ve got you covered. I’ve combed through every blog post I wrote in 2020 so you could have the “best of the best” at your fingertips! Here are my top 10 most popular, best divorce and family law blog posts of 2020.

If divorce is on your mind or you are going through one, you’re definitely going to want to curl up on the couch with your laptop and your beverage of choice and catch up on anything you may have missed!

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Top 10 Best Divorce Blog Posts of 2020

When does your duty to pay child support end in Texas?is an article that addresses how the responsibility of a noncustodial parent to pay child support in Texas ends when the child in question turns eighteen or graduates from high school, whichever occurs later in time. This is nearly always what your court orders will say if you went before a judge without an attorney in the Office of the Attorney General/IV Court in Harris County.

The 60-Day Divorce in Texas – During consults, I am frequently asked by potential clients how to get divorced quickly and cheaply. These are understandable questions. To my knowledge, divorce is not frequently associated with rainbows, sunshine, or happiness. TV, books, friends, and family frequently unpleasantly depict divorce. I think it is only natural to want to handle divorce quickly and painlessly.

What Is “Malicious Parent Syndrome?” – Divorce and custody lawsuits bring out the worst in parents. These stressful times can cause parents to do unthinkable things to make the other parent look better than the other in the court’s eyes. This is known as the malicious parent syndrome, which is not a mental disorder but rather is used to describe the type of behavior by parents undergoing a family lawsuit.

What to do when you don’t want to get divorced, but your spouse does – We all know that some parts of life are unpleasant. We can anticipate these things even if we don’t know exactly when they will occur. Events like the passing away of loved ones or the loss of a job are examples that came to my mind immediately.

Can My Ex Deny Custody Time Because of COVID-19? – The COVID-19 pandemic has had dramatic impacts in the world of Texas family law. So much of child custody, child support, possession, and visitation rely on predictable routines. These routines allow families to be able to rely on certain events that can occur at regular intervals.

How does my divorce affect my stimulus check? – We are approaching the three-month anniversary of the economic stimulus having been made into law by Congress. During the coronavirus pandemic, this aid package was intended to act as a life preserver for struggling families and businesses. If you are struggling through a divorce case right now, you may have questions about how the legislation will affect you and your family during these difficult times.

State Custody Case[1] Car questions regarding your Texas divorce? Ride over here for some answers – Americans, and Texans, in particular, love the open road and automobiles. Cars, trucks, etc.- it has a motor and four wheels; odds are we have driven one that has created memories for us. As Texans, we have no choice but to love or tolerate cars because getting anywhere we want to go will usually take twenty minutes.

Divorce Help[2] What Happens If Someone Refuses to Be Served? – Service of the process is important because it puts a party on notice that a lawsuit is being brought against them. It is also critical to establish subject matter jurisdiction over the type of case and personal jurisdiction over the defendant; without these, an impending case cannot be heard.

Can I Change My Child’s Last Name Without Father’s Consent? – There are numerous reasons why someone would want a name change for their child. A name change can signal a new chapter for someone’s life, get rid of baggage associated with the name, or even changing a child’s last name to their new stepparents’ name.

Social distancing and Co-parenting: What to do if your Co-parent refuses to obey social distancing orders – At the beginning of this pandemic, when stay-at-home orders were in place, it was much easier to keep tabs on your child and their physical movement. For the most part, we were all stuck at home, and social distancing was not much of a problem, period; our kids were not going to the grocery store, and they were not going to see their friends.

Bonus Popular Blog Article – Job loss and Child Support in Texas during the coronavirus

This top 10 list is just a small part of the divorce blogs from our site. I also include the below article regarding Job loss and child support.

Job loss and Child Support in Texas during the coronavirus – Whether we are in the middle of a virus pandemic caused by the spread of the coronavirus or are just in tough economic times, the loss of your job does not mean that you can stop paying child support. Unfortunately, our area is being hit by difficulties associated with the economy and the virus at the same time.


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