Guardianship Of Military Personnel In Texas: What You Need To Know


Are there alternatives to guardianship in Texas?

Yes, alternatives like powers of attorney and supported decision-making can be explored, depending on the individual’s circumstances and ability to make decisions with support.

FAQs About Military Personnel in Texas:
What are Family Care Plans for military personnel in Texas?

Family Care Plans outline arrangements for the care of military members’ dependents, including appointing guardians if necessary, to ensure the well-being of their families during deployments.

How does the Servicemembers Civil Relief Act (SCRA) protect military personnel in guardianship cases?

The SCRA provides legal protections, including the ability to delay or stay guardianship proceedings if the military member’s service significantly affects their participation.

What happens to guardianship when a military member is deployed?

Temporary guardianship arrangements may be considered to protect the welfare of dependents during deployment. Temporary guardians can make decisions on behalf of the deployed military member.

Where can military personnel and their families get legal assistance in Texas?

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