Killer Justin Mohn Suddenly Murders Father Out Of Cold Blood

Justin Mohn, a 32-year-old from Levittown, Pennsylvania, became the focus of a harrowing incident that unfolded in Bucks County. Authorities revealed that Mohn committed a gruesome act against his father, Michael Mohn, by killing and then beheading him at their shared home. This chilling event took place on a Tuesday, and shortly after, Justin Mohn posted a disturbing and politically charged video on YouTube, detailing his actions.

The day before this heinous act, Justin legally purchased a 9mm Sig Sauer handgun after relinquishing his medical marijuana card, which was later found on him when he was apprehended at the National Guard facility. Mohn claimed he intended to mobilize the National Guard to take up arms against the federal government and sought to ally with Governor Josh Shapiro.

The Start Of trouble- A Lawsuit With His Previous Workplace

In 2017, while residing in Colorado, Justin Mohn engaged in troubling behavior towards employees at a credit union in Colorado Springs, a place where he had previously been employed. Mohn issued threats to initiate a lawsuit against the credit union, demanding a staggering $10 million unless they settled with him for $2 million. His threats extended to making false accusations against the employees, either by disseminating them publicly or by causing a scene at the credit union to provoke a police response, which he planned to record.

The situation escalated to the point where three credit union employees felt compelled to seek legal protection against Mohn. They eventually reached a settlement where Mohn agreed to cease contact with them in exchange for a $10,000 payment. Part of the evidence presented against Mohn included lines from a piece he wrote, perceived by the employees as threatening, titled “Men Don’t Get No Warning Shot.”

In an email presented as part of the case, Mohn accused his former co-workers of manipulating evidence related to a disciplinary issue from 2016, claiming it was under investigation by the state’s civil rights division.

The Slow Descent Into The Rabbit Hole

A past acquaintance, Davis Rebhan, who shared an apartment with Mohn in Colorado Springs about ten years ago, recalled Mohn’s fascination with conspiracy theories. The living situation deteriorated when Mohn became aggressive, causing damage to their shared living space. Mohn’s father was his only visitor during this time, showing concern for his son despite his evident issues.

Progressive Lawsuit- Beginning Of Aggression

In 2018, Mohn filed a lawsuit against Progressive Insurance, claiming discrimination and wrongful termination from a Colorado Springs agency due to his gender, intelligence, and qualifications. The courts found no evidence of discrimination, and Progressive stated his termination was due to aggressive behavior, a claim upheld by an appeals court.

Prior to the incident involving his father, Mohn had several run-ins with the Middletown Township Police, including disputes at his home and allegations against the insurance company he sued. His employer in Philadelphia also expressed concerns about his conduct and writings at work, seeking advice on termination procedures.

The Start Of Anti-Government Speeches

Mohn’s online activities revealed a penchant for violent anti-government rhetoric. In 2020, he published a so-called “pamphlet” online advocating for a “bloody revolution” by those born in or after 1991, aligning with his birth year. This document also contained grievances over a lost lawsuit and calls for the assassination of public officials and their family members.

An Attempt At Fleeing

The situation escalated when Mohn fled the scene in his father’s car, traveling over 100 miles to Fort Indiantown Gap, a National Guard training facility in Lebanon County. His brief period on the run ended when he was taken into custody.

Authorities apprehended Justin Mohn at Fort Indiantown Gap, a National Guard training facility in Lebanon County, Pennsylvania. The significance of this location, especially in light of Mohn’s actions before his arrest, is multifaceted. Known for its comprehensive military training operations, Fort Indiantown Gap functions as a central hub for the Pennsylvania National Guard. It primarily offers a training ground for military personnel, law enforcement, and emergency preparedness teams, establishing itself as a vital asset for both state and national security.

The reasons behind Mohn’s presence at Fort Indiantown Gap are deeply troubling and shed light on his intentions following the murder of his father. According to reports, after committing the crime, Mohn drove his father’s car over 100 miles to reach the military facility. His actions upon arrival suggest a delusional and dangerous plan: Mohn intended to mobilize the National Guard to take up arms against the federal government. This plan was not only unrealistic but also indicative of a severe detachment

The Autopsy Of His Father

In the case of Michael Mohn, the autopsy would have been a key element in establishing the facts of the case, given the violent nature of his death. Given the information that Justin Mohn shot and then decapitated his father, the autopsy would have involved a detailed examination of the gunshot wound. It would help ascertain the range, trajectory, and caliber of the bullet, which could help in matching the weapon used.

The examination of the decapitation would provide evidence on the instrument or instruments used, such as a knife or a machete, as suggested in reports. This aspect of the autopsy is particularly harrowing but necessary for understanding the brutality of the act and for gathering forensic evidence critical for the prosecution.

The autopsy results confirmed the brutal manner of Michael Mohn’s death, with Justin Mohn having shot his father before decapitating him with a knife and machete.

Who Was His Father?

Michael Mohn, the father of Justin Mohn, was a respected member of the community and held a significant position within the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, specifically in the geo-environmental section. His role likely involved overseeing and contributing to projects that dealt with the environmental aspects of civil engineering, including soil science, water resources, and environmental protection efforts. Such a position would have required a deep understanding of both engineering principles and environmental science, indicating that Michael Mohn was a professional with a considerable amount of expertise and dedication to his field.

The tragic circumstances surrounding Michael Mohn’s death have brought an unwelcome spotlight onto his life and career. Despite the gruesome nature of his demise, it’s important to recognize the contributions he made during his lifetime, particularly in his professional capacity. Individuals who work in geo-environmental roles within the Army Corps of Engineers play crucial roles in maintaining and improving the infrastructure and natural environments, often working on projects that have significant impacts on public health and safety.

Dealing With The Loss

The loss of Michael Mohn was profoundly felt by his colleagues and the broader community he served. The statement released by the Corps’ Philadelphia district expressed deep sadness and highlighted the focus on supporting grieving employees during such a difficult time. This response underscores the impact Michael Mohn had on those around him, both personally and professionally.

The details of Michael Mohn’s life, including his contributions to his field and the memories shared by those who knew him, stand in stark contrast to the violent manner of his death. It serves as a reminder of the complex layers that make up a person’s life and the lasting effects they can have on their community and beyond. In remembering Michael Mohn, it is crucial to acknowledge his professional achievements and the positive legacy he leaves behind, despite the tragic circumstances of his passing.

What Charges Can Be Applied

First and foremost, Justin Mohn would be charged with first-degree murder, given the premeditated and intentional nature of his father’s killing. First-degree murder is one of the most serious charges, characterized by an intentional act done with malice aforethought. The use of a firearm and a bladed weapon to commit the act, as well as the premeditation suggested by his actions before and after the crime, strongly support such a charge.

In addition to the murder charge, Justin Mohn could face charges for abuse of a corpse. This charge is applied in cases where an individual has treated a body in ways that society deems disrespectful or offensive, such as mutilation, which occurred in this tragic event. The act of beheading, as described, would likely lead to this charge due to the egregious disrespect shown to the remains.

The charge of “possessing an instrument of crime with intent” against Justin Mohn highlights the grave nature of his actions, particularly in the context of his father’s murder and subsequent behaviors. This legal charge implies Mohn had items intended for unlawful use, such as the weapons used in the crime.

The charge underscores the premeditated aspect of Mohn’s actions, indicating not just the execution of a crime but the potential for further offenses. Proving this charge requires demonstrating Mohn’s possession of these items and his criminal intent, relying on evidence like the crime scene, his online postings, and actions before and after the murder.

Extra Charges That Can Be Applied

The circumstances surrounding the incident, including the posting of a politically charged video on YouTube where Justin Mohn identified himself as a militia member and called for violence, suggest potential charges related to terrorism or incitement to violence. These charges would consider the broader implications of his call to action against federal employees and agents, as well as the listing of a judge’s address with a call for violence against them.

The legal system will take into account the full scope of Justin Mohn’s actions, from the premeditation and execution of the murder to his subsequent attempts to incite further violence and his unauthorized entry into a secure military installation. The specific charges will be determined by the district attorney’s office, based on the evidence collected during the investigation and the applicable state and federal laws.

Denied Bail And Awaiting Arraignment

The court likely denied bail to Mohn due to the heinous nature of his alleged crimes, including the brutal murder of his father, which suggests he could be extremely violent and a danger to public safety. Concerns about him possibly fleeing to escape trial, posing a threat to the community, or trying to interfere with the justice process usually inform such decisions.

Authorities will keep Mohn in custody while he awaits arraignment, a time they use to finalize and present the formal charges against him.This stage is pivotal for both the prosecution and defense as it sets the legal framework for the trial. The arraignment would also offer Mohn the opportunity to enter a plea, a critical moment that could influence the course of legal proceedings.

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