The Legal Labyrinth of Logan Paul’s CryptoZoo

Logan Paul is a prominent internet personality, actor, and entrepreneur, who gained substantial fame and notoriety through various online platforms, primarily YouTube. Born on April 1, 1995, in Westlake, Ohio, Paul embarked on his digital journey on the platform Vine, where he amassed a significant following due to his humorous and often outrageous short videos. His creativity and charisma quickly resonated with a vast audience, enabling him to become one of the platform’s standout stars.

As Vine’s popularity began to wane, Paul adeptly transitioned to YouTube, where he further expanded his digital empire. His content, characterized by its high energy, pranks, stunts, and vlogs, captivated a young audience, propelling him to international stardom. His channel became one of the fastest-growing on the platform, solidifying his status as a powerful influencer and content creator.

However, his journey has not been without controversy. In December 2017, Paul faced severe backlash after posting a video that featured the body of a person who had committed suicide in Aokigahara, a forest in Japan known for being a common site of suicides. The incident sparked a global conversation about mental health, ethics, and responsibility in content creation and led to YouTube temporarily suspending monetization on his channel. This event marked a turning point in Paul’s career, forcing him to grapple with the consequences of his online actions and the impact of his content.

In the wake of the controversy, Paul sought to rehabilitate his image and pivot his career. He began to diversify his professional pursuits, exploring opportunities outside of the digital realm. One notable venture has been his foray into professional boxing. Paul has participated in several high-profile boxing matches, including bouts against fellow YouTuber KSI and the legendary boxer Floyd Mayweather Jr. These events have garnered significant media attention and have been instrumental in broadening his public persona beyond that of a digital influencer.

In addition to his sporting endeavors, Paul has also ventured into the podcasting space with the launch of “Impaulsive,” a podcast where he, along with co-hosts, discusses various topics, including pop culture, mental health, and entrepreneurship. The podcast has allowed Paul to showcase a more thoughtful and mature side, enabling him to engage in deeper conversations and connect with a broader audience.

Furthermore, Paul has explored acting, appearing in various films and television shows. His involvement in these projects signifies his ambition to evolve as an entertainer and expand his creative horizons.

Paul’s journey illustrates the transformative power of digital media in shaping modern celebrity. His ability to navigate the complexities of online fame, while continuously reinventing his career, underscores his resilience and adaptability. Despite the controversies and challenges, Paul has remained a formidable figure in the digital landscape, illustrating the multifaceted nature of contemporary fame and influence in the age of the internet. His story is emblematic of the broader shifts in entertainment, media, and popular culture in the 21st century.

What Is Cryptozoo?

CryptoZoo is a blockchain-based game promoted by Logan Paul. It was marketed as a “really fun game that makes you money” and launched in September 2021 with Binance Smart Chain. The concept of the game is Pokémon-inspired, where users purchase eggs, hatch them, and then breed animals to earn proprietary $ZOO tokens. The game utilizes non-fungible tokens (NFTs), specifically egg NFTs, which were bought with ethereum and traded on OpenSea.

However, the game faced significant issues and controversies. For many months, players who invested thousands of dollars in the game, attracted by Logan Paul’s promotion, found themselves staring at an image of a digital egg while losing substantial amounts of money.


CryptoZoo was launched with the promise of being a blockchain-based game where users could interact with, breed, and trade virtual animals. However, the game didn’t function as promised. Users who bought virtual eggs expecting them to hatch into animals were left with static images and no real gameplay. This lack of functionality led to frustration and financial losses for the users who had invested in the game expecting a return.

Misleading Promotions

Logan Paul, a key promoter of CryptoZoo, was accused of misleading marketing. He promoted the game as a “really fun game that makes you money,” creating high expectations. However, the reality fell short of these promises, and many users felt deceived as the game did not deliver the anticipated financial returns or enjoyable gaming experience.

Lack of Transparency

Allegations were made about the lack of clarity and transparency in the operation of CryptoZoo. There were questions about where the invested money was going and how the game was managed. This lack of transparency raised doubts about the integrity and legitimacy of the project.

Investigations and Exposés

Stephen Findeisen from the YouTube channel Coffeezilla played a crucial role in investigating and exposing the alleged malpractices of CryptoZoo. His detailed investigations brought to light various issues and questionable practices associated with the game, contributing to the skepticism and distrust towards the project.

Financial Losses

Many users who invested in CryptoZoo experienced significant financial losses. The non-functionality of the game and the inability to realize the promised returns left many investors out of pocket, adding to the grievances and dissatisfaction towards the game and its promoters.

The allegations against CryptoZoo are multifaceted, ranging from operational dysfunction to misleading promotions and a lack of transparency. These issues, highlighted by investigative reports and user experiences, have contributed to a cloud of controversy and distrust surrounding the game, raising serious questions about its legitimacy and the ethics of its promotion and operation.

Promised Restitution

Logan Paul had promised restitution to some investors in the project. He pledged $1.8 million in compensation, particularly targeting accounts holding specific types of crypto collectibles like “base eggs and base animals.” However, this proposition did not cover all types of losses suffered by participants, such as those holding other crypto collectibles like zoo tokens or hybrid animals, and those who sold at a loss.

Lack of Payouts

Despite the promises made, payouts have not been forthcoming. The restitution plan was criticized for being insufficient and not fully compensating the losses suffered by participants. The lack of payouts, despite the promises made, has added to the grievances and dissatisfaction of the participants involved in the CryptoZoo project.

Mediation Process

The lawsuit has moved towards a mediation process, where a resolution to the allegations and grievances will be sought. Both the plaintiffs and defendants, including Logan Paul, are expected to participate in the mediation process to address the issues raised in the lawsuit and seek a resolution.

The situation with the CryptoZoo project and the associated lawsuit remains unresolved, with many victims still waiting for compensation for their losses. The legal and mediation processes are expected to play a crucial role in determining the outcome and whether the victims will receive the restitution they seek.

Filing of the Lawsuit

A class-action lawsuit was filed against Logan Paul and his associates involved in the CryptoZoo project. The lawsuit was lodged in the Western District of Texas by law firms Ellzey & Associates and Attorney Tom and Associates, led by YouTube personality Tom Kherkher, also known as Attorney Tom (source).


The lawsuit alleges that Logan Paul and his associates engaged in fraudulent activities, claiming that they took millions of dollars’ worth of participants’ cryptocurrency through a “fraudulent venture.” The defendants are accused of promoting CryptoZoo’s products to consumers unfamiliar with digital currency products, leading to substantial purchases. However, the lawsuit alleges that the game did not work or never existed, and the defendants manipulated the digital currency market for Zoo Tokens to their advantage.

Lead Plaintiff

The lead plaintiff in the lawsuit is Don Holland, a police officer from Round Rock, Texas. He reportedly purchased $3,000 worth of digital currency from CryptoZoo, influenced by the promotions and promises made by Logan Paul and his associates.

Defendants’ Response

Logan Paul’s legal representatives have responded to the lawsuit, criticizing it as flawed and aimed at generating headlines rather than being based on merit. They express confidence that the lawsuit will be dismissed once reviewed in a court of law.

Legal Proceedings

The lawsuit is expected to go through legal proceedings where the allegations will be examined, and the defendants will have the opportunity to respond to the claims made against them. The legal action seeks to address the grievances of the participants who feel defrauded by the CryptoZoo project.

The class-action lawsuit against Logan Paul and his associates represents a significant legal challenge concerning the CryptoZoo project. It brings forth serious allegations of fraud and misconduct, aiming to seek accountability and redress for the participants who experienced financial losses. The lawsuit underscores the legal complexities and risks associated with cryptocurrency projects and the role of influencers in promoting such ventures. The outcome of this legal action could have broader implications for the regulation and oversight of similar cryptocurrency and NFT projects in the future.

Trust and Credibility

The allegations of fraud and the subsequent lawsuit against Logan Paul and the CryptoZoo project have raised questions about his credibility and trustworthiness. Participants who felt deceived by the project’s non-functionality and the lack of promised returns may view Paul’s endorsements and business ventures with skepticism.

Legal Scrutiny

Being embroiled in a legal battle has brought significant scrutiny to Logan Paul. The lawsuit and the allegations of fraudulent activities associated with CryptoZoo have cast a shadow over his professional image and business practices.

Influencer Responsibility

The controversy has raised questions about the responsibility of influencers like Logan Paul in promoting and endorsing cryptocurrency projects. It has sparked discussions about the ethical considerations and due diligence required when influencers leverage their platforms for such promotions.

Community Backlash

There has been backlash from the online community, particularly those who feel that they incurred losses due to their involvement in CryptoZoo. This negative sentiment and the expression of grievances on online platforms have contributed to a tarnished reputation.

Media Coverage

The media coverage of the lawsuit and the controversies surrounding CryptoZoo has kept the issue in the public eye, further affecting Logan Paul’s reputation. The detailed reports and investigations by various platforms have contributed to the narrative of skepticism and criticism.

Impact on Future Ventures

The controversy may influence the public’s reception of Logan Paul’s future business ventures and endorsements. Potential collaborators and investors might exercise caution, and the general public may be more critical of his involvement in new projects.

The CryptoZoo controversy has undoubtedly affected Logan Paul’s reputation, casting doubts on his credibility, business ethics, and responsibility as an influencer. The legal, community, and media scrutiny stemming from the allegations and lawsuit have contributed to a more critical and skeptical public perception of his professional endeavors. This impact may have lasting implications for his future business ventures and public image.

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