The wrong way to handle your family law matter

Starting a family law case? Then buckle up! All the twists and turns of a family law case will have you thinking you’re on a carnival ride. But fear not. There are ways for you to get on the ball and succeed despite the craziness. In today’s blog post from the Law Office of Bryan Fagan, we are going to outline several steps you can take to better ensure your success in the arena of a family law case. Along the way, we will share tips and tricks our attorneys use every day to benefit our clients. 

While you’re at it- once you finish with today’s blog post go ahead and give the Law Office of Bryan Fagan a call. We offer free-of-charge consultations six days a week. This consultation can occur in person, over the phone, and via video. We have office locations throughout the Houston area and now across the state of Texas. Meaning no matter where you live the Law Office of Bryan Fagan has someone nearby to help you. 

Unforced errors are the name of the game today. In other words, we at the Law Office of Bryan Fagan want to help you learn how to manage your family law case as well as possible. Part of doing this is avoiding errors and mistakes that you cause yourself to suffer from. We all have those moments where we are left in regret over something that we did or said. Well, today’s blog post seeks to help you avoid that situation. 

It used to be that one of the biggest problems we suffered from was a lack of information. What didn’t know could hurt you, it turned out. Searching for legal information most certainly meant consulting with an attorney. If not that, it meant looking up cases and laws in thick books at a legal library. Not exactly anyone’s idea of a good time. Nor is it an efficient use of your time. Your life does not go on pause just because you file for divorce.

Now the situation we find ourselves in is different and similar all at the same time. A paradox if you will. On the one hand, we have so much more access to information. Information is literally at our fingertips with the advent of the internet. Case law, statutes, blog posts, scholarly articles and so much more are online. Did you know the Law Office of Bryan Fagan posts videos consistently on YouTube? Needless to say- you won’t suffer from a lack of information anymore. 

However, even with this proliferation of family law information many of the same issues persist. For one, much of the information online is either untrustworthy or not helpful. Family law cases are extremely fact-specific. As a result, even if you find factually accurate information online that does not mean that it is relevant to your case. That’s to say nothing of information that is flat-out wrong or speculative at best.

How to receive worthwhile guidance in a family law case?

You can go to different places for quality advice. Consider the source and you can eliminate a lot of errors that would otherwise come your way. For example, going to an internet message board for advice on your divorce doesn’t make a ton of sense. Anyone with internet access can log in and offer their opinion on your situation. While sometimes receiving different opinions on a matter makes sense it is not always a good plan. Again, consider your source.

Next, what about blogs from attorneys? After all, you are on the blog for the Law Office of Bryan Fagan. If you didn’t think that a lawyer’s blog could help you then you wouldn’t be here. True, a blog post like this one will hopefully provide you with accurate information that helps you map out your case better. However, that does not mean that all blogs are created equal. For instance, a seasoned family law office like the Law Office of Bryan Fagan speaks from a place of experience. Many of these attorneys you find with divorce blog posts don’t even focus on family law

There are also do-it-yourself family law case guides on the internet. The Law Office of Bryan Fagan offers guides on how to handle a divorce. Additionally, We offer a perspective that is unique when it comes to child custody cases. In short, there are many guides to help you focus on the key issues of a family law case. These guides matter because they assist people like you who need information. 

Seeking information directly from an attorney is best

All of these sources of information are helpful, but none are the best source. For that, the Law Office of Bryan Fagan recommends meeting with one of our attorneys. We offer free-of-charge consultations six days a week. These consultations take place in person, over the phone, or via video. Here is why we think meeting with an attorney to discuss your case matters. 

Family law cases are fact-dependent. Meaning that so much of the case will rely upon the specific facts and circumstances of what your family is going through. Does the law matter in your case? Yes. Do judges have to look at the actual situation you are in and apply common sense in addition? Also, yes. Consider that a judge uses their experience just as much when looking at what is happening in your life. 

As a result, do not assume that you can gain all the information you need just from the internet. I know that this is the age we live in but that does not mean you have no other options. Rather, the Law Office of Bryan Fagan is here for you. Talk to us about your situation. We will provide you with valuable feedback about what you are going through. Learning about a family law case from people who have been there. This is how to avoid mistakes in a family law case. 

Incomplete or incorrect documentation

One of the most significant problems for people who file their family law cases is incomplete or incorrect documentation. Imagine a situation where you file for divorce on your own. With no attorney to assist you in drafting documents, this is a major challenge. For one, many people who file for divorce on their own find their case takes longer to complete. This is because legal documents need to be filed correctly. There is a process associated with filing the documents. Additionally, the documents need to be formatted correctly.

Have you ever seen a legal document before? They are formatted in a particular way. There is no format prompt on your favorite word-processing application to draft a divorce petition. It takes time to find the correct format when you are in an attorney’s office. On top of that, there is a rule in family court that you need to be aware of. That rule is that you are only able to receive in the divorce what you ask for in the petition. Meaning that you cannot be awarded your minivan unless you ask for it in the divorce papers. 

Leaving information out of your divorce paperwork is not hard to do. You have so much gone on in your life that overlooking a small detail is a common oversight. However, the key to avoiding this mistake is to have an experienced family law attorney by your side. An attorney has the experience you need to draft documents correctly the first time. This saves you time and money, ultimately. When it comes to trying to represent yourself in a divorce or child custody case the Law Office of Bryan Fagan has a message- be aware!

Many of our clients are people who attempted to represent themselves in a divorce

The reality of the situation is that many of the clients for the Law Office of Bryan Fagan once attempted to represent themselves. In the beginning, before the reality of the situation became apparent, they tried to begin the divorce themselves. While it is possible to file your divorce it is not advisable. We have already mentioned how there is a specific process involved with filing for divorce. This means filing certain documents at certain times. Additionally, including all the necessary language in these documents is essential. 

Fast forward to you trying to do all these things. This doesn’t mean you lack the brainpower to do these things. What it does mean is that the rest of your life does not go on pause just because you need to file a family law case. Rather, the rest of your life seems to pick up in speed when you file a family law case. With so many competing interests it is no wonder that you feel distracted at the moment. Rather than moving through the divorce distracted it is better to have help.

Football coaches will tell you it’s not always about the team who makes the most positive plays. Rather, it is about the team that avoids the most negative plays. In the context of a divorce, this looks like avoiding the simple, basic mistakes that can bog down your case for weeks or even months. Rather than put yourself in this position contact the Law Office of Bryan Fagan today for a free-of-charge consultation. 

Respectful and effective communication

The important issues of a family law case are all negotiated with a person that you do not have a great relationship with. This is the irony of a legal case. The things you most want to accomplish are only achievable if you can play nice in the metaphorical sandbox that is a family law case. When you go into a case with an attitude that you are going to get what you need at any cost this sets a bad tone for your case. However, approaching your case and your opposing party with respect yields better results. 

However, we at the Law Office of Bryan Fagan grant that you cannot make your co-parent do anything he or she does not want to do. So, what are you to do in a situation where your opposing party will not play nice? To start with, model good behavior for him or her. Just like with your kids, your co-parent or spouse will take on the qualities that you exhibit through your actions. Don’t just talk a good game- display through your actions that you intend to act right and respectfully in the divorce. 

If all else fails, working alongside an attorney can go a long way to aid in communication. In some situations, the emotions run so high in a family law case that you and your co-parent will struggle to communicate. That does not mean you wouldn’t be able to figure it out. All that means is having an intermediary helps. An experienced family law attorney with the Law Office of Bryan Fagan knows how to lay the groundwork for proper communication.

Neglecting your emotional and mental health

Many of us have an attitude that we need to “go big or go home.” This means that you need to put everything you have into all your endeavors. This, of course, is not always a good thing. There is only so much of you to go around. We like to think that we can put 100% percent of ourselves into everything we do. At first, we may be able to approach this. However, ultimately it is not sustainable to do so. 

Your emotional and mental health is an important component of your family law case. There are steps to take that can help you manage your emotional and mental health while going through a family law case. Counseling and therapy can help some people in some situations. Talk to your doctor or a trusted friend about therapy. This may be helpful when it feels like you need someone to talk through these issues with. 

However, for many of us, having a rock-solid diet and exercising can provide similar benefits. Keep track of what you are eating in a journal for one week. Everything you put into your body should be documented. After seven days look at that journal and assess where you are. When the chips are down, and stress levels are high most of us do not eat the way that we ought to. Our bodies crave comfort. Usually, comfort carries with it more calories than we ought to eat. 

Maintaining a proper exercise regimen and diet goes a long way toward helping our emotional and mental health. Overlook your physical health and your mental health suffers. 

Not hiring an attorney 

The last mistake we wanted to mention today is not hiring an attorney for your case. No, it is not legally necessary to hire an attorney to represent you in a family law case. However, it is a great benefit to you in most situations. We talk to potential clients about hiring an attorney in terms of an investment. An attorney is a short-term investment used to accomplish your long-term goals. 

Another analogy worth making involves the other areas of your life. When you hurt your ankle do you try and perform the surgery yourself? No, of course not. Rather, you see an orthopedist and determine whether surgery is necessary. When you run over a pothole and crack something on your vehicle do you fix it yourself? Probably not. Rather, you take it to a mechanic who makes the repairs that are necessary to get you back up and running. We don’t fill our cavities. A dentist does that for us. 

You can see where we are going here. When you are facing an extremely important situation you want to hire a professional for help. McDonalds makes a good cheeseburger, but the stakes are low if you want to grill one up at home. Even if your burger doesn’t turn out great it’s not a huge deal. However, making mistakes in a family law case carries with it certain challenges that can set you back.

When it comes to hiring an attorney look to the Law Office of Bryan Fagan

On behalf of the Law Office of Bryan Fagan, thank you for choosing to spend part of your day with us here on our blog. We post unique and informative content on our blog every day of the week. As you approach a family law case you must have information at your fingertips that can help you guide you. We at the Law Office of Bryan Fagan hope that we become a source of trusted information and assistance for you and your family. 

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