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Why having a will is important...

Why do I need a will?

Worse than passing away without having a will is dying with a do-it-yourself will or a will from a service such as legal zoom. While estate taxation is a straightforward issue in Texas, a poorly drafted do-it-yourself will may expose you to tax consequences that otherwise would be a non-issue under even intestate succession. The other possibility is that your do-it-yourself will is not properly executed and thus invalid, allowing an opening for a dispute to arise between beneficiaries under a will and heirs under estate succession. These types of disputes may destroy family ties and devour the financial resources of the individuals, preventing you from accomplishing the goal of helping to provide for your loved ones.

By working with an attorney to draft a will, the probability of creating and properly executing a valid, problem-free will significantly increase. Beyond this you can strategize about simple ways to have assets pass outside of probate. Examples of simple ways of transferring property upon death outside of probate include joint bank accounts and real estate held jointly with a right of survivorship. Not every joint bank account possesses a right of survivorship. Similarly, a joint deed would need to be filed in the local county’s real property records. Sitting down with an attorney to draft your will enables you to explore these additional options. And by passing property even prior to probate, you can ensure that your spouse has financial stability and security while processing their grief. Then your loved ones can probate your will rather than drudging through the intestate succession process.


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