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Follow these steps to win your Texas family law case

Suppose that you are going through a divorce and are beginning the process of hiring an attorney. How would you go about doing that? Would you drive up and down the busiest street in your area of town and look at the names on the buildings around your home and make a decision that way? Sounds a lot like walking up and down the snack food aisle and picking a bag of chips based on how snazzy the packaging is. You’ll probably take a bite when you get home and be disappointed that the chips don’t taste as good as the packaging made them out to be.

Hiring an attorney to represent you in a family law case is sort of like this. You can do a quick run-through of the attorneys in your area and make a selection based on how their name looks on a sign and you may get lucky. That may end up being the best attorney in the world for you and your family. Or you may be disappointed. That lawyer may not even be a family law attorney- he or she could be a general practice lawyer who takes whatever case walks through their door because their landlord charges a lot of money to keep the lawyer’s name lit up outside on the sign in front of their building.

What you should consider doing is research into the attorney that you hire. Don’t hire a lawyer because their office furniture is nice. Don’t hire a lawyer because you think that person “looks like an attorney” (whatever an attorney is supposed to look like based on your opinion). Ultimately if the attorney’s office furniture looks really nice it’s probably because the lawyer paid a lot of money for it. If it was purchased with a credit card he or she needs to pay that card off and will do it by charging you and the other clients that lawyer represents a lot of money in all likelihood.

Finding a good attorney is important. Finding a good attorney who makes you feel confident is even more important. Finding a good attorney, who makes you feel confident and that you can afford is the most important thing. You can have all the legal knowledge in the world in the form of your attorney but if you find out halfway through your case that you can no longer afford to pay the attorney’s fees you will soon be looking for another attorney. Your rather expensive attorney will turn and file a motion to withdraw from your case as soon as you are unable to pay your monthly fee.

All of this is to say that there are so many components to a family law case that to not pay attention to each one would be to do yourself a huge disservice. In today’s blog post from the Law Office of Bryan Fagan, PLLC we will discuss how to manage and succeed at your family law case in Texas.

There’s a first time for everything

Most of the people that hire our office to represent them are going through a family law case for the first time ever. Many of these people have never had any sort of involvement with the legal system before or had even been inside of a courthouse. Rather than think of this as a disadvantage, I will usually tell these folks that in my opinion it is a sign of a life well lived if you have never had to become involved with the courts before your divorce or child custody case. These cases are not fun but they are, many times, essential to your life.

I’ve already waxed poetic about hiring an attorney the importance of doing your due diligence and finding one that checks all the boxes that you have set out for yourself. There are lots of attorneys out there for you to choose from, and fortunately for attorneys there are lots of potential clients out there who will make a determination that any one of us is the best fit for him or her. You have that little voice inside your head that tells you to move forward or run the other way when it comes to hiring someone to perform a service for you. Listen to that voice and you will fine in all likelihood when it comes to retaining an attorney to work with you on your family law case.

The initial consultation with an attorney will tell you a lot about that person

If you’ve conducted some research on attorneys and feel confident that you would like to meet with him or her to discuss your case it’s likely that their website provides you with multiple contact methods by which you can set up a meeting. Some attorneys (like the Law Office of Bryan Fagan, PLLC, for example) will allow you to set up a free of charge consultation. We will allow you to come into our office and sit with one of our attorneys in order to have a private and confidential meeting about your case, your questions and your concerns.

Many attorneys will charge you money to come in and have a consultation. You will need to make a decision for yourself whether you would be willing or able to pay to speak with a lawyer. Ultimately whatever lawyer you end up deciding to hire you should feel confident that this is the person who will be looking out for you and your family rather than for their own interests. In the consultation you should try to pick up on how well your attorney listens. Attorneys love to hear the sound of their own voices and if you find an attorney who allows you to speak in complete sentences and doesn’t cut you off in the middle of a point then I think this is a good sign that you’ve found a humble, reasonable attorney.

The attorney that you meet with should be able to provide you with some preliminary thoughts on your case and what you may be able to do in terms of working to achieving the goals that you have set out for your case. See if the attorney has been paying attention to what you’ve been saying. You should mention your goals more than once to the attorney. If the attorney starts discussing a possible path for your case and doesn’t incorporate anything that you have told him or her then he or she probably hasn’t been listening to you all that closely.

Hire an attorney only after conducting a thorough review of candidates

If you own a business and put out an advertisement for a job opening it wouldn’t make sense for you to close down the ad as soon as you get one resume. The purpose of putting your ad out there is to accumulate as many qualified candidates as possible, interview the best of the best and only then to make a decision as to what candidate should become an employee. The vetting process is incredibly important when it comes to hiring a new attorney.

In tomorrow’s blog post we will start off by discussing what happens after you have selected your attorney to represent you in your family law case. What are the next steps in the process? How will your attorney communicate with you moving forward? For those of you who are new to this process I would highly recommend returning tomorrow to read more about it.

In the meantime if you have any questions about the material that we have covered today, please do not hesitate to contact the Law Office of Bryan Fagan, PLLC. Our licensed family law attorneys are available six days a week to meet with you. In a free of charge consultation we are able to sit down with you in a pressure free environment and answer your questions, listen to your concerns and address the issues that are the most important to you. We appreciate your consideration of our office and hope that you will return tomorrow to read more about the process involved in a Texas family law case.


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