How Remarried Couples (and All Couples) Can Stay Together Amidst the Coronavirus Pandemic

The irony of Today’s blog post title is that, whether we like it or not, we are all being forced to stay together right now, perhaps more than we would like. The reason for that is the ongoing coronavirus pandemic with the recommendations and, in some places, orders that we remain at home other than to handle necessary business. We are working from home, eating at home, you were shipping from home, and performing just about any other daily tasks from our homes. These are extraordinary times in events that none of us could have likely ever foreseen happening. However, they are the reality we are living through. We need to make the best of these times so that we come out on the other side in solid positions financially, relationally, and physically.

While we are all living together closer than ever before, it may not be the case that you and your spouse are doing that well from a relational perspective. Physical closeness does not always equate to relational similarity for any person who has ever been in a committed relationship. Quite the contrary, you can be physically close to another person but emotionally distant from them. The real trouble is that It is relatively easy to fall into bad habits with your spouse that causes problems in the relationship. Physical closeness and the time to communicate cannot always make up for these shortcomings, either.

The challenge that married people have to face right now is that they need to stay together and act as a team despite the circumstances presented by the coronavirus. The extra time