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Can you turn an unhappy marriage into a happy marriage? Perspective from a Texas family attorney

Picture this: you're flipping through an old photo album, and you stumble upon a snapshot from your wedding day. The smiles, the laughter, the undeniable excitement—it's all there. Fast forward to today, and the smiles might have turned into sighs, the laughter into disagreements, and that excitement? Well, it might be buried beneath the weight of daily life. But fear not! If you're staring at your relationship wondering if you're stuck in a rut, I've got great news: you can absolutely transform that unhappy marriage into a flourishing, joyful partnership.

So, How Do You Do It?

Buckle up, because we're diving into the delightful dance of turning your unhappy marriage into a source of boundless happiness. We're not here to talk about quick fixes or magical solutions. No, no. We're about to embark on a journey through the art of meaningful connections, effective communication, and the secret sauce that keeps couples thriving against all odds.

Let's Take a Sneak Peek at What's in Store

  • Early Relationship Dynamics: Ever wondered how those initial stages set the tone for your marriage? From sweet beginnings to long-lasting impacts, we're peeling back the curtain on what truly matters.
  • Effective Communication Skills: Get ready to sharpen your communication game. We're talking more than just "I hear you." Discover the secrets to truly understanding and being understood.
  • Intimacy and Emotional Connection: Ready to reignite that spark? Dive into the world of emotional intimacy, where shared experiences and heartfelt connections reign supreme.
  • Financial Management and Transparency: Let's tackle the age-old money matters. Join us in deciphering the language of joint decision-making and financial harmony.
  • Balancing Independence and Togetherness: Individuality meets unity in this chapter. Learn how to chase your personal passions without losing sight of your shared journey.
  • Conflict Resolution Techniques: Disagreements? Bring 'em on! We're arming you with conflict resolution strategies that turn clashes into catalysts for growth.
  • Coping with Major Life Changes: Life throws curveballs, but together, you can hit them out of the park. Discover how to weather storms and emerge even stronger.
  • Counseling and Therapy Benefits: Think therapy is only for TV shows? Think again! Explore the wonders of professional guidance and how it can reshape your relationship.
  • Roles and Responsibilities: Choreographing the dance of partnership takes teamwork. We'll show you how to keep the rhythm going without stepping on any toes.
  • Maintaining Romance and Affection: Sparks don't have to fizzle out with time. Uncover the art of keeping the romance alive, from sweet gestures to grand surprises.
  • Supporting Each Other's Goals: Partnerships aren't just about togetherness; they're about growth. Learn how to be each other's biggest cheerleaders.
  • The Influence of Extended Family: Navigating family dynamics can be tricky. We've got the compass to help you maintain balance and harmony.
  • Cultural and Religious Considerations: Mixing traditions? We've got you covered with tips to blend beliefs, values, and practices seamlessly.
  • Long-Distance Relationships: Distance might make the heart grow fonder, but it can also bring challenges. Find out how to keep the flame burning across the miles.
  • Preventive Measures for a Healthy Marriage: The best way to fix a problem is to prevent it. Explore the proactive steps that ensure a rock-solid relationship.

Ready to Rewrite Your Love Story?

If you're nodding along, eager to transform that gloomy chapter into a love-filled saga, you're in for a treat. We're here to share stories, sprinkle in a dash of humor, and guide you through the twists and turns of turning an unhappy marriage into a thriving one. So, grab a comfy seat, get ready to take notes (or just enjoy the ride), and let's embark on this adventure together! Your happily-ever-after is just around the corner.

Unhappy Marriage? Don't Hit the Panic Button Just Yet!

The issues you are facing in your divorce are likely ones you have been trying to avoid. Most people, I believe, would prefer to focus on the areas of their life where they are succeeding and push to the side those areas where they struggle. I can think back on my life, and this is the case with me in many ways. When I was playing sports growing up, it was always more fun to practice those skills that I had already shown an aptitude for rather than work on those things that were a struggle for me. We do not want to confront those things in life that bring us hardships.

Learning the skills that it takes to keep a marriage healthy and fruitful can be challenging as well. Most of us were not born with the skills that naturally lead to good marriages. We have to develop these skills over time. Often the skills can only be formed when we confront those marital problems that I just finished discussing in the previous paragraph. However, when you have put in the effort to establish a healthy marriage, and those efforts have not worked out, it is time for you to make a decision. That decision is either to continue to work on the marriage or to move towards divorce.

What were your expectations of marriage?

From my experience working with families in southeast Texas, many people who hire an attorney to start a divorce case often have very different views and expectations about marriage in the early years of the relationship. Some folks, I gather, have watched their parents either have solid or weak marriages that have heavily impacted their view of the institution. I would first advise you to look at your family history and determine if your problems lie more so with bad memories of your childhood rather than with your spouse. Sometimes it is hard to distinguish between the two.

Ultimately, when I have spoken with clients who have gone through their divorce, they will tell me that their life did not automatically improve just because they got the divorce from their spouse. What you may not realize is that your marriage is one where good things happen and bad. The bad often overshadow the good, but there are likely to be good aspects of your marriage as well. A divorce completely throws those good aspects out the window and forces you and your spouse to focus on the negative aspects.

Seeking outside intervention to strengthen a marriage

The idea of getting a therapist or counselor involved in your marriage is something that people in generations past did not do. There may have been some outreach to friends or family for advice, but rarely were people in a position to consult with a person who works in the field of marriage and family development.

From clients I have worked with in the past, I can tell you that this is changing now. Many clients have sought intervention from a counselor or therapist to help heal their marriage or increase the frequency of helpful communication between husband and wife.

You may have begun to consider whether or not you should consult with a marriage therapist to help strengthen your relationship with your spouse. However, there are no how-to guides on how to save a marriage or consult with a therapist that I am aware of, so I would like to share with you some practical tips on meeting with a marriage therapist.

First, I would look for a therapist who has been educated in marriage and family counseling. This person ought to have experience in counseling other people in similar situations as you and your spouse. Many therapists will advertise to you that they are therapists with experience handling family-related matters. Still, when you start to talk to them, you will find that their experience is lacking in divorce-related problems.

How many of the therapist's clients are couples going through marital difficulties? You can check the internet to see if there are any lists of therapists in your area that can perform this type of service for you and your spouse. You may also want to check with your health insurance provider to see if they have the names of any marriage counselors who accept your insurance.

Make sure the counselor will meet with you and your spouse together.

Issues like this that I have learned come up with many therapists that people will attempt to seek treatment. A good counseling session will focus on you and your spouse as a team, rather than both of you as individuals. At the same time, your needs as an individual are important if your therapist focuses too much on each of your perspectives that may lead to advice tailored towards divorce rather than reconciliation.

What to do if you are willing to work on your marriage but your spouse is not.

Whether trying to get out of debt or trying to save your marriage, it takes a dual effort from you and your spouse to see to it that this happens. One of you working hard to save money cannot compensate for your spouse going to the mall every evening and buying up clothes left and right. Likewise, you could be putting all of your efforts into saving your marriage, but if your spouse does not act in the same way, then all your efforts will be fruitless.

It can be frustrating and even demoralizing to be in a marriage that you believe is worth saving, but your spouse thinks otherwise. At the very least, your spouse may think your marriage is worth saving, but if they do nothing to help keep it, the opposite may as well be true.

Keep in mind that in Texas, all it takes is for one spouse to file for divorce. It doesn't matter what their justification is for the divorce- if your spouse wants out of the marriage, it will happen as long as the procedural requirements are met. It doesn't matter how hard you have worked to save the relationship or the circumstances of the divorce.

What does a healthy marriage look like?

As a family law attorney, I can see what many unhealthy marriages look like. I could go on and on about the characteristics that I have seen many marriages take on over the time that has led to divorce. However, I would like to look at this topic from the opposite perspective. Namely, what characteristics have I seen in my life that most any healthy marriage embodies?

Right off the bat, I would tell you that solid marriages are ones where both spouses are committed to one another and the marital relationship. These folks think long-term about goals for their marriage and the consequences of their actions within that marriage. When problems come up, committed husbands and wives are willing to set aside their desires and do what is best for the marriage unit as a whole.

Next, successful marriages are ones where the spouses communicate well with one another. Even if people in strong marriages do not communicate well, they will communicate frequently. Think about your marriage regarding whether or not you both interact with one another respectfully and use those interactions to solve problems together. If you and your spouse cannot help but communicate in hurtful, angry ways, then it is likely that your marriage is in trouble.

How satisfied you are with your marriage will go a long way towards establishing whether or not yours is a successful marriage. Notice that I used the word "satisfied" rather than "happy." Marriage is not always about happy times, as life tends to not always be about happy times. Happy is an essential word to a marriage in many ways, but we cannot always be happy as adults. However, we can almost always be satisfied with the state of our marriages if we put forth the effort to communicate well with one another.

The following two signs of a successful, healthy marriage are connected. First, look at how you and your spouse resolve the conflict between the two of you. It is a foregone conclusion that there will be some degree of disagreement between you and your spouse during your marriage. A great marriage is not one where the couple never fights or gets into differences. However, how the married couple reacts to these disagreements will more often than not tell us the state of that marriage's health.

For instance, a healthy marriage is one where violence is never the result of the conflict. Yes, there may be legitimate issues in your marriage that will come up and need to be discussed. Setting aside problems in your marriage to minimize conflict is not healthy. However, it is also not healthy to escalate the issues that you are dealing with violence. It is undoubtedly unhealthy for your marriage and also necessitates the involvement of law enforcement.

Faithfulness in the marriage is a prominent link to having a solid and healthy marriage. If you cannot remain faithful to your spouse, or your spouse to you, then the foundations of your marriage weaken significantly. The physical bonds between husband and wife impact every other area of your relationship. From my experiences working with many people going through a divorce over the years, infidelity is one of the leading causes of people filing for divorce.

I would tie in emotional unfaithfulness as well as financial infidelity into this topic. If you are not engaging fully in your marriage due to hang-ups with another person, that is a sign of a failing marriage. Additionally, if you cannot trust your spouse to be on the same page as you are from a financial perspective, this is also a factor in how a marriage can weaken from within. Trust is essential to have a healthy marriage.

Finally, it may seem obvious, but you and your spouse need to spend time together to have a strong marriage. I have seen clients talk to me about how their marriage survived even though one of them was living abroad for years or months at a time. When spouses are separated for months or years, I would argue that they no longer have a healthy marriage but some pen-pal relationship. The intimacy and shared purpose of marriage are lost when you are separated by distance for that long period. Suppose you are stationed abroad for military service that is different and not something that will be long-term. I am speaking about those people who choose to live in separate households a long distance from their spouse for other reasons.

Early Relationship Dynamics: Setting the Foundation for Long-Term Bliss

In the complex journey of marriage, the early stages lay the groundwork for what follows. The patterns and dynamics established during this phase can significantly impact the relationship's long-term health. Open communication, understanding each other's values, and setting shared goals are vital components that build a solid foundation.

Effective Communication Skills: Unveiling the Art of Connection

Communication is the lifeline of any marriage. Delve deeper into the art of effective communication. Learn to be an active listener, express your needs thoughtfully, and address conflicts in a manner that fosters growth. It's not just about talking; it's about truly connecting.

Communication Challenge

Strategies for Improvement

Talking Over Each Other

Practicing active listening by taking turns to speak and ensuring that each person feels heard. Implement "speaker-listener" technique, where one person speaks while the other listens and then switches roles.


Asking clarifying questions when something is unclear instead of assuming. Paraphrasing what each person said to confirm understanding before responding.

Avoiding Tough Conversations

Setting aside dedicated time to discuss important topics. Using "I" statements to express feelings and concerns without blaming.

Getting Defensive

Agreeing to a "safe word" or signal that indicates when the conversation is becoming too heated. Focusing on the issue at hand rather than attacking each other.

Unresolved Arguments

Taking a breather and revisiting the topic later if emotions are running high. Finding common ground and compromises that satisfy both partners.

Intimacy and Emotional Connection: Fueling the Flames of Love

Emotional intimacy serves as the glue that binds a marriage. Discover the profound role it plays in maintaining a healthy relationship. Spend quality time together, share your innermost thoughts and feelings, and support each other's personal growth. These steps pave the way for a lasting emotional connection.

Financial Management and Transparency: Navigating the Dollars and Sense of Marriage

Finances are a common source of tension in marriages. Uncover the significance of financial transparency and joint decision-making. Develop strategies to manage money as a team, set financial goals, and avoid the pitfalls of financial infidelity.

Balancing Independence and Togetherness: Embracing Individuality Within Unity

Maintaining individual identities while nurturing a shared life is an art worth mastering. Discover how striking the balance between spending quality time together and fostering personal passions contributes to a harmonious marriage.

Conflict Resolution Techniques: From Clash to Compromise

Conflicts are inevitable, but their resolution can either strengthen or strain a relationship. Explore various techniques to navigate disagreements constructively. Learn the art of compromise, negotiation, and early conflict resolution to prevent issues from escalating.

Coping with Major Life Changes: Weathering the Storms Together

Life throws curveballs that can shake even the strongest marriages. Parenthood, career shifts, and health challenges can reshape the relationship landscape. Gain insights into navigating these changes as a team, strengthening the bond that holds you together.

Counseling and Therapy Benefits: Seeking Guidance for a Stronger Union

The stigma around seeking help is fading as more couples turn to therapy. Discover the potential benefits of couples' therapy—enhanced communication, conflict resolution, and understanding. Address common misconceptions and reservations, paving the way for a healthier partnership.

Roles and Responsibilities: Choreographing the Dance of Partnership

Shared responsibilities and roles form the backbone of a well-functioning marriage. Dive into the dynamics of roles, division of labor, and the art of avoiding resentment. Learn strategies to maintain balance and cooperation.

Maintaining Romance and Affection: Kindling the Flames of Passion

Romance is the heartbeat of marriage, even as time goes by. Explore ways to keep the flame alive, expressing affection in creative and meaningful ways. From simple gestures to heartfelt surprises, discover how to keep the spark burning.

Supporting Each Other's Goals: Partners in Personal Growth

A strong marriage is a platform for individual growth. Explore the significance of supporting each other's dreams and aspirations. Discover the power of mutual encouragement, which not only strengthens the relationship but also propels personal success.

The Influence of Extended Family: Navigating the Ties That Bind

Extended family dynamics can exert influence on your marriage. Uncover strategies for setting healthy boundaries and maintaining a strong connection while managing external expectations.

Cultural and Religious Considerations: Blending Beliefs in Matrimony

Cultural and religious beliefs shape marital expectations and dynamics. Delve into ways to navigate these differences, finding common ground that enriches the relationship.

Long-Distance Relationships: Bridge the Gap, Maintain the Love

Long-distance relationships are a unique challenge. Discover insights and strategies to bridge the gap, maintain intimacy, and cultivate a strong connection despite the physical distance.

Preventive Measures for a Healthy Marriage: Building a Resilient Bond

Prevention is the best cure. Learn proactive steps to safeguard your marriage. Regular check-ins, relationship-building activities, and ongoing self-improvement are key elements that keep your bond resilient and vibrant.

In the intricate tapestry of marriage, these options for addressing unhappiness offer a roadmap to greater happiness and fulfillment. By exploring each facet, you pave the way for a lasting partnership built on love, understanding, and growth. Remember, the journey is unique for every couple, but the destination—lasting happiness—is a goal worth pursuing.

Ready to Flip the Script on Your Marriage Adventure?

Short Answer: Yes, You Can Turn Unhappy into Unbelievably Happy

Remember those choose-your-own-adventure books? Well, your marriage is a bit like that. You've got the power to choose your path, and trust me, the path to a jubilant, thriving relationship is way more exhilarating than the alternative.

Think of it this way: your marriage is like a garden. Sure, it might have a few weeds here and there, but with some TLC, those vibrant blooms will steal the show. And let's be real, who doesn't want a garden that's the envy of the neighborhood?

As we bid adieu for now, keep this in your back pocket: you've got a treasure trove of insights waiting for you in these pages. From mastering communication ninja skills to navigating life's curveballs as a dynamic duo, the possibilities are endless.

So, go on, sprinkle some laughter into those conversations, infuse a bit of surprise into your gestures, and embrace the adventure of growing together. Because, my friend, you've got all the tools to make your marriage journey as epic as a blockbuster movie. Happy endings? Nah, let's call them happy beginnings! Your love story is about to get a dazzling rewrite, and trust me, it's going to be one for the ages.

Here's to turning those frowns upside down and embarking on a love-filled escapade that'll leave you smiling from ear to ear. Cheers to you, your partner, and the vibrant love that's just waiting to bloom!

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