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Attorney General Cases

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The Child Support Division of the Office of the Texas Attorney General is devoted to ensuring children are given the most comfortable lives possible after their parents finalize a divorce. When there are significant complications or concerns with any part a divorce that involve a child or children, the case may be referred to an Attorney General Court. The Law Office of Bryan Fagan and our Spring child support lawyers are capable of representing you in Attorney General Court and any other legal settings.

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When the Attorney General Office May Get Involved

The Texas Attorney General Office is solely concerned with the best interests of children of divorce. The preferences of each parent are set aside if they become in conflict with a child’s best interests. By working with our attorneys, you can anticipate the expectations of the Attorney General Office and form your case in a way that will likely be approved without challenge.

The Child Support Division of the Attorney General Office gets involved with:

  • Child support: The parent with primary or sole parenting time will likely be eligible for some amount of monthly child support payments from the other parent. The money paid in child support can only be used in a way that directly benefits the child. That is to say, it is not simply more finances for the parent to use towards any purchase or bill payment. An Attorney General Court may establish child support, as well as how the funds are to be used each month.
  • Paternity: In some divorce cases, the father of a child is not entirely clear or legally official. A paternity action handled by the Attorney General Court can provide finality and certainty. Without a clear idea of paternity, it can be a challenge to establish child support or parenting time. The solution may be a court-ordered DNA test.
  • Enforcement of child support orders: When someone who has been ordered to pay child support refuses to do so, it is likely the Attorney General Office will become directly interested in the case. It is possible for the AG Court to enforce child support orders through a variety of actions, including summons, fines, and jail time.

Legal Guidance for Difficult AG Office Cases

A family law case that goes before the Attorney General Court will require the legal counsel of a highly experienced attorney. The complexities and differences in the court processes could throw off a lawyer who has not been handling cases for long, or who only focuses on one type of case. Come to the Law Office of Bryan Fagan for dependable and insightful representation for your Attorney General case. Our eclectic team of attorneys have seen essentially every type of divorce case and family law dispute imaginable, so we can move your case forward with no surprises.

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