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Child Support Payments with Joint Custody

Hi, I'm Joanne Nwaogu, Junior Associate Attorney here at the law office of Bryan Fagan, coming to you with a tip on today. So some of you all may be wondering, do I have to pay child support if I have shared joint custody with my spouse. It's important to know, if there's an agreement for child support, absolutely, you have to pay child support. If one parent is named primary, and you are named the possessory conservator, meaning that you are the parent that has visitation or have a standard SPO, it is likely that you are going to be required to pay child support. A lot of times, we like to handle these issues by taking them to court or going to mediation to work out some agreements. But it's likely that if you are not the primary parent, that here in Harris County, you are going to pay child support. And Child Support is determined by the Texas Child Support guidelines. So let's say for instance, it's one child, you'll be paying 20% of your gross income for child support. It can kind of look that up on our website. Feel free to visit us anytime at You can find a lot of helpful tips and information on there with regards to this. Thank you.