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What To Expect In A Temporary Orders Order

Good afternoon. This is Daniel Ogbeide from the law office of Bryan Fagan. I'm one of the attorneys here. Today, I'm going to cover what to expect in a temporary orders hearing. When a divorce or custody or any sort of Family Law related case is filed, it may take the court, especially in Houston County up to a year to resolve your case. So what do you do in the meantime [is] you have a temporary orders hearing. You are required to attend mediation in most cases involving custody. If however, you're not able to mediate the case or you attend a mediation and there is no agreement, then you will have a temporary orders hearing. You can expect a mini trial. It can take between an hour [or] two hours, including all day or even more than one day to resolve the issue in temporary orders. You can inspect custody, possession of an asset, property division, interim attorneys fees, insurance spousal support to be issues that will be reserved in temporary. I must caution you, don't take temporary orders lightly. But prepare for it as if this were your final trial. Because most of the time, the result in temporary orders will ultimately become your final trial result. If you have any further questions regarding any areas in family law areas, please visit our website Thank you