Emancipation Of A Minor Child | Divorce Attorney in Houston, TX

Hi, this is Ali Shah with the Law Office of Bryan Fagan. Today’s topic is about emancipation of a minor child. In Texas, a minor who is either 17 or 16, and living apart from one’s parents can be emancipated as a minor if they meet certain criteria. Number one is this: They have to be able to manage their own affairs. And a minor seeking emancipation will have to state the following in his or her petition. Number one [is] name, age and residency of the petitioner. Number two [is] named residency of the parents or guardian, if they’re still living with them or managing conservator if it’s applicable. They have to also state some reasons why emancipation serves the best interest of the petitioning party, and also remember the purpose for the request, could it be because you know, they’re trying to get support. Sometimes people try to get college funds or FASFA, but there can be many reasons that a minor may want to be emancipated. To find out more please visit our website at www.bryanfagan.com and read our blogs. Thank you.