What to Expect in Your Family Law Consultation

In the YouTube video titled “What to Expect in Your Family Law Consultation,” Olivia Grace Applegate discusses the initial stages of a family law consultation. The consultation begins with an intake process, where basic personal information is collected. After this, the discussion moves to the specifics of the individual’s case, whether it involves divorce, custody issues, a case with child protective services, or any other related matter.

Applegate emphasizes the importance of understanding whether any legal actions have already been initiated or if the individual has been served, as this affects the urgency of the response due to time-sensitive legal requirements. She further explores whether children, assets, or properties are involved, which would need to be addressed in a divorce, and queries about the necessity for creating, modifying, or enforcing court-ordered visitation.

The consultation also aims to uncover any upcoming hearings or trials, and importantly, what the client’s desired outcome is — referred to as the “win outcome.” By knowing what the client wishes to achieve, the law professionals can tailor their services accordingly.

The video concludes with an offer for a “do it yourself, Texas Divorce e-course,” aimed at helping individuals navigate their divorce, which is noted as potentially being an expensive process. Viewers are directed to access this course through a link in the video description.