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5 Tips For Dealing With Your Ex After a Divorce

When marriages end, they end for a reason, and it’s very common for former spouses to have trouble getting along after a divorce. For couples without children, this isn’t such a big issue – after all, there aren’t many instances where you will need to interact with your ex. For parents, however, this can lead to serious issues, as you must coordinate with your ex on matters such as visitation, schooling, and religion.

Tip #1: Avoid In-Person Communication

If you and your former spouse have a particularly contentious relationship, it may be best to restrict all communication to writing and brief, to-the-point phone calls. In addition to helping you avoid unnecessary confrontation, it will also help you focus on restricting communication to only legal matters and things which impact your children.

Tip #2: Keep Your Kids Out of the Communication Chain

It’s important to keep your children insulated from any hostility or contentiousness. Children are surprisingly good at picking up on tension, so it can be very damaging to them if you use them as messengers.

Tip #3: Don’t Turn to Your Ex for Support

Perhaps the toughest habit to break after a divorce is turning to your former spouse for advice or help, especially where your children are involved. Unfortunately, this will usually leave you disappointed. Try to rely on friends and family, rather than your ex-spouse, for support and advice after your divorce.

Tip #4: Don’t View Child Support/Alimony as a Gift or Obligation

Both child and spousal support payments are determined by the courts, not by your ex-spouse. If you receive support, you should treat these payments as your money. Your spouse has no say over how this money is spent – if they refuse to make the payments, contact your lawyer immediately.

If you are the one ordered to make support payments, the same principles apply. These are court-ordered payments, and you have no right to dictate how the money can be spent. Trying to control your ex’s spending will only cause you more problems.

Tip #5: Be Wary of Family Relationships

During a marriage, it is extremely common to develop close personal relationships with your spouse’s family. While many of these friendships can survive a divorce, don’t forget the old adage, “blood is thicker than water.” When you are around your ex’s family, avoid conversations about your ex at all costs.

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