10 Most Popular Texas Divorce Blogs of 2023?

10 Most Popular Texas Divorce Blogs of 2023?

Good divorce advice is like an umbrella when it rains. You need it when you need it. When you do not need it, you will hardly notice it. For this reasons you may have missed some of my most popular divorce blog posts for 2016.

For your reading pleasure, here is a list of the most read divorce blog posts from my website in 2016, just for you.

1. Frequently Asked Questions in Texas Divorce Cases

This blog post provides a comprehensive guide to the most common queries faced by individuals undergoing divorce proceedings in Harris and Montgomery Counties, Texas. It covers a broad spectrum of topics, ranging from legal procedures and rights, to more personal concerns such as coping with the emotional aspects of divorce.

The article aims to demystify the divorce process and offer clear, straightforward answers to assist individuals in navigating this challenging time with better understanding and preparedness.

2. Can I sue my spouse’s mistress in Texas?

This entry dives into a specific and emotionally charged question: the possibility of suing a spouse’s paramour in the context of a Texas divorce. It explores the legal avenues available to the ‘innocent’ spouse, examining the intricacies of Texas family law and its stance on adultery and extramarital affairs. The blog aims to educate readers on their legal rights and options, shedding light on this complex and often misunderstood aspect of divorce law.

3. 6 Mistakes that can Destroy Your Texas Divorce Case

This informative piece outlines six critical errors that individuals might inadvertently make during their divorce proceedings, which could potentially jeopardize their case. It emphasizes the importance of strategic thinking and careful decision-making in a divorce, acknowledging the emotional challenges such as stress, hurt, and anger that can cloud judgment. The blog serves as a cautionary guide, helping readers avoid common pitfalls and navigate their divorce process more smoothly.

4. What do I do if I have overpaid child support in Texas?

Addressing a practical and important concern, this article delves into the issue of overpayment of child support in Harris and Montgomery Counties, Texas. It offers guidance on how to handle situations where a parent has paid more child support than required, including legal recourses and steps to rectify the situation. This post is particularly helpful for parents who find themselves in this predicament and seek to understand their rights and options under Texas law.

5. Should I move out of the marital home during a divorce?

Should I move out of the marital home during a divorce?Learn more about whether you should leave the marital home during a divorce. Things to consider when making a decision include: 1)Has there been domestic violence? 2) Are there children involved? 3) Do you want to be able to say in the home during the divorce? 4) Financial Concerns and can you afford it? 5) Do you want to use any of the property currently in the home 6) Will moving out affect my financial interest in the home?

6. Low cost and affordable divorces, attorneys, websites and divorce Costs in Texas

10 Most Popular Texas Divorce Blogs of 2023?

This blog post is a valuable resource for cost-effective divorce solutions in Texas, especially in Harris and Montgomery Counties. It offers insights into affordable attorneys, budget-friendly services, and helpful websites. The article aims to make legal divorce services accessible and financially easier for individuals. It emphasizes efficient and affordable legal aid in divorce cases.

7. 3 Important Facts about Texas Alimony and Spousal Support

This entry demystifies alimony or spousal support in Texas. It explains key aspects like available support types, including Temporary Spousal Support, Spousal Maintenance, and Contractual Alimony. It also covers how they are calculated and granted. The blog educates readers on these essential divorce law elements, aiding those navigating alimony complexities in Texas.

8. Divorcing After Age 50 in Texas: What it Can Mean for You and Your Spouse

This article targets individuals over 50 facing divorce in Texas. It discusses their unique challenges and considerations. Topics include dividing retirement assets and impacts on social security. It also addresses retirement benefits and emotional and financial implications of late-life separation. The post guides older adults to understand and prepare for divorce-related issues.

9. Temporary Orders and Temporary Restraining Orders in Texas

Focusing on Temporary Orders and Temporary Restraining Orders in Harris and Montgomery Counties, Texas, this blog post explains their purposes, processes, and impacts. It highlights their role in providing immediate protection and stability in child custody, property distribution, and personal safety during divorce proceedings.

10. Cell Phones, Mail, Computers, Spying on your Spouse, and Privacy Rights in a Spring, Texas Divorce

10 Most Popular Texas Divorce Blogs of 2023?

This article explores electronic privacy and surveillance in divorce cases in Harris and Montgomery Counties, Texas. It discusses legal limits and effects of monitoring a spouse using cell phones and computers. The blog offers insights into privacy rights and spying consequences during a divorce. It guides those worried about their digital privacy and security.

Final Thoughts

This top 10 list is just a small part of the divorce blogs from our site. If you do not see the article you are looking for feel free to search for what you want in the search box on top ride hand side of this website. Plus, do not forget to sign up for blog updates. There are more great articles coming out every week!


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