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We would like to celebrate this Valentine's Day by giving back to the community that we love.

The Law Office of Bryan Fagan is at it again, with our 6th Annual Valentine’s Day FREE Divorce Giveaway!

We understand a divorce may not always fit the budget. Yet, we have seen many individuals and/or couples who continue to stay in an unhealthy situation due to the lack of funds. This is why we have chosen to give back and are able to offer an all-expense paid divorce that covers: court costs, filing fees, and attorney fees!

In order to enter: please submit the entry form with a story on how a Free Divorce will change your life!

The divorce is limited to an Uncontested Divorce with no or minimum child custody issues. Limited to Harris County and the surrounding counties only.

To qualify as an uncontested divorce, both spouses must meet all three of the following requirements:

  • 1) Agree to be divorced
  • 2) Reach an agreement on all issues
  • 3) Voluntarily sign all papers without service on any party

We will review the stories and will let the winner know they have won after the deadline ends. Enter to win a free divorce for Valentine’s Day Entry Form below (Deadline February 14, 2022, by midnight)

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