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Understanding Child Support in San Antonio

Child support refers to the regular monthly payment made by a non-custodial spouse to a custodial spouse in order to cover the children’s ongoing expenses resulting from a marriage. This ensures that the non-custodial spouse fulfills their parental responsibilities.

Exploring Physical Custody

In San Antonio, child support is determined by physical custody. The parent with physical custody is the recipient parent, regardless of legal custody arrangements. Should the court order child support, the parent without physical custody is responsible for making the payments.

Determining Child Support in Texas

You may be curious about the minimum child support amount in Texas. The courts calculate child support based on a percentage of the non-custodial parent’s income. Your San Antonio child support lawyer can provide an estimate of the expected minimum child support payments using a simple calculation.

Calculating Child Support in Texas

The court will consider various sources of income, including wages, salary, commissions, tips, overtime, bonuses, government benefits, severance pay, retirement benefits, alimony, gifts, prizes, and other costs. Based on these factors, the court determines a percentage that represents the monthly child support obligation.

Need to Contest a Child Support Order in San Antonio, TX?

Parents have the option to pay more than the minimum child support obligation if they choose. The percentages mentioned above represent the minimum amount. Spouses can contest the amount in court to seek a higher or lower obligation. For effective representation and advocacy on child support matters, enlist the services of a professional attorney committed to promoting your child’s well-being.

Want to know how to file for child support in San Antonio, TX? Whether you are seeking support or you are resisting it, The Law Office of Bryan Fagan, PLLC can help. Don’t hesitate to contact a Houston child support lawyer today for more information. They are committed to providing high-quality service for Texas couples looking to divorce.

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