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One of the most challenging aspects of divorce often revolves around children. When a couple shares children, finding common ground regarding child custody and visitation decisions can be a difficult task. This is why Texas law frequently intervenes in cases involving parenting time. The Texas legislature has established that children should have “frequent and continuing” contact with both parents who are capable of acting in their best interest and providing safe environments for them.

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Possession Orders

Most custody orders incorporate a standard possession order (SPO) that outlines the schedule for each parent’s time with their child. In custody orders, parenting time is referred to as “access and possession,” similar to visitation in other jurisdictions. Possession indicates the ability to physically see and make decisions regarding the child’s whereabouts. Access refers to communication with your child through means such as phone, text, social media, or other channels; you may also attend their extracurricular activities and have access to their medical and school records.

Consequently, the SPO establishes the terms of the noncustodial parent’s basic visitation with the child. It also determines the procedures for child exchanges, holiday arrangements, and includes specific provisions for parents living over 100 miles apart.

Guidelines for parenting time are usually determined by the judge’s discretion, taking the child’s best interest into consideration on a case-by-case basis. For children under 3 years old, the Texas Family Code specifies that the court will decide what is appropriate based on the circumstances, focusing on the child’s well-being without explicitly setting specific dates and times.

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