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Many couples anticipate a challenging and emotionally charged divorce process. However, not all divorces need to be complex and contentious. In Texas, couples meeting specific criteria may be eligible for an uncontested divorce, offering several advantages for everyone involved.

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Eligibility Criteria for an Uncontested Divorce in Texas

An uncontested divorce is suitable for couples who agree on all divorce terms, eliminating the need for court intervention on issues like alimony, child custody, and property division.

Additional criteria for an uncontested divorce include:

  • No ongoing bankruptcy proceedings for either spouse.
  • No claims for alimony (spousal maintenance).
  • Absence of jointly owned real estate.
  • No retirement funds requiring division.
  • No minor children together under 18 years of age.

Generally, uncontested divorces are faster, less costly, and more harmonious than other types of divorces. If you and your spouse fulfill these criteria and mutually agree to dissolve your marriage, an uncontested divorce may be feasible. Contact the Law Office of Bryan Fagan, PLLC to explore your options. Even in an uncontested divorce, it’s prudent for each party to have independent legal representation to ensure the process is comprehensive and efficient.

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