Meet Our Team

Michael Edwards

Michael Edwards, a dedicated attorney, discovered his passion for the legal field during his high school years. His unwavering desire to assist individuals during their most challenging times led him down the path of becoming an attorney.With a growing portfolio of expertise, Michael’s journey began at the Montgomery County Women’s Center, a nonprofit organization committed to representing survivors of domestic abuse who lacked the means for legal representation. Here, he tirelessly advocated for clients, ensuring they obtained custody of their children, completed divorces, secured child support, and represented them in protective order hearings.

Before his time at the nonprofit, Michael gained valuable experience as a paralegal in Mass Torts, specializing in medical law. However, his true passion lies in family law and probate issues, particularly cases involving custody disputes and adoptions.

Drawing from his nonprofit background, he approaches every case with compassion, ensuring clients feel heard while remaining steadfast in achieving their ultimate goals, whether it’s obtaining custody, resolving property matters, completing a divorce, or facilitating adoptions.

Michael proudly represents the Law Office of Bryan Fagan, a team of attorneys deeply versed in Family Law, Probate, Guardianship, and Estate Planning. Choosing their services means clients have compassionate and experienced advocates by their side during life’s most challenging moments.

Michael Edwards continues to make a meaningful impact in the legal field, providing unwavering support and guidance to those in need.