Meet Our Team

Tamicka Leonard


Tamicka Leonard, an Associate Attorney at the Law Office of Bryan Fagan, brings a diverse background and extensive legal education to her role. Hailing from Mobile, Alabama, she pursued her Bachelor of Arts in International Relations at the University of Alabama before embarking on a journey that took her to various places, including Tuscaloosa, South Carolina, Georgia, Texas, New York City, and Chicago. After attending law school at Southern University Law Center in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, Tamicka commenced her legal career in Beaumont and eventually settled in Houston in 2023.

Outside the legal realm, Tamicka’s free time is dedicated to her true passions—gardening, photography, travel, and quality moments with her family. Married with two children and expecting another, she finds joy and inspiration in her family life. Tamicka entered the legal profession driven by a profound desire to make a meaningful impact and help people in a substantial way. Her commitment extends to causes she is passionate about, particularly advocating for children and future planning. Beyond her professional journey, Tamicka possesses a unique skill—she is proficient in Mandarin, showcasing her diverse talents. Influenced significantly by her husband, father, stepmother, grandmother Annie, and Aunt Ebone, Tamicka values the unwavering support and inspiration she has received throughout her life. Described by friends as genuine, open-minded, dedicated, and loyal, Tamicka looks forward to exploring new horizons, with real estate investing ranking high on her bucket list of accomplishments.