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Collaborative Law: Navigating Divorce Together

Step into our Houston Collaborative Law page, a compassionate space dedicated to
guiding you and your partner through a journey of amicable resolution. In this intimate
setting, we empower couples, encouraging collaboration with your attorneys and other
professionals to forge agreements outside the confines of a courtroom.

At Collaborative Law, we understand the personal nature of your journey and prioritize
open communication, negotiation, and a cooperative environment. Our focus is on
navigating the intricacies of your unique situation, addressing conflicts, and crafting
mutually beneficial solutions tailored to your specific needs. Whether it’s property
division, child custody, support, or other pertinent issues, we’re committed to fostering
an atmosphere of understanding and respect.

Embark on this personal and transformative experience with Collaborative Law, where
your individual story takes center stage, and together, we navigate the path to a
harmonious resolution.

Why Collaborative Divorce?

A More Amicable Approach:
Collaborative divorce differs from traditional litigation by encouraging a more amicable
and respectful process. We focus on problem-solving, minimizing the emotional and
financial toll often associated with courtroom battles.

Key Steps in Collaborative Divorce:

  • Participation Agreement: Both parties and their attorneys commit to the collaborative process, agreeing not to litigate.
  • Joint Meetings: Discussions center around identifying priorities, sharing information, and addressing concerns related to asset division, child custody, and support.
  • Professional Guidance: Financial experts or mental health professionals may be brought in to provide guidance and expertise.
  • Negotiation and Brainstorming: Aimed at reaching agreements that satisfy both parties’ interests.
  • Formalizing Agreements: Agreements are formalized into a written settlement document for court approval.

Incentives for Cooperation:

If roadblocks arise and litigation is considered, both attorneys must withdraw from the case. This adds further incentive for cooperation and resolution within the collaborative approach.

The Role of The Mental Health Professional

In collaborative divorce, the role of a mental health professional is crucial:

  • Effective Communication: Facilitates effective communication and manages emotional dynamics between the divorcing couple.
  • Conflict Management: Assists in managing conflict by facilitating constructive conversations and promoting understanding.
  • Emotional Support: Provides emotional support to both parties, managing the emotional impact on children.
  • Guidance and Strategies: Offers guidance on parenting plans, coping strategies, communication techniques, and conflict resolution skills.
  • Promoting Respectful Environment: Aims to promote a more amicable and respectful environment, facilitating the resolution of issues collaboratively.

Concepts: Individual and Group Meetings

Individual Meetings:

Offline meetings allow for focused and confidential conversations. These meetings
supplement joint sessions, providing a platform for personalized discussions, exploring
options, gathering information, or seeking guidance on sensitive matters.

Group Meetings:

Online meetings during joint sessions follow a predetermined agenda. Initial team
meetings provide information about the process, communication methods,
problem-solving approaches, and a review of the Participation Agreement. Subsequent
meetings are case-specific, addressing issues collaboratively.

Embark on your collaborative divorce journey with us, where we prioritize respect,
communication, and mutual resolution. Your future begins with collaboration.

How to Become Collaboratively Trained

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  • Advanced Training
  • Join Groups

Go to the International Academy of Collaborative Professional’s Website for
upcoming trainings at

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