Moving to Richmond, TX

Moving to Richmond, TX

When you decide to move yourself or your family to a new area that can be the defining decision of your life and theirs. This can be especially true if you are doing so after the end of a divorce or child custody case. Fortunately, the Houston area has plenty of attractive and inviting areas located in and around our community where you can relocate if that is your desire. Today we will be talking about the town of Richmond, southwest of Houston.

Richmond is the county seat for Fort Bend County. Fort Bend County is one of the most diverse, economically vibrant, and growing counties in the entire United States. Home to many large companies, good schools, and tons of activities for families, Fort Bend County and Richmond have seen tremendous growth since the pandemic’s beginning in 2020. Being able to work remotely and away from the big city has lured in plenty of new residents to Richmond. As a result, the area has seen a number of improvements in restaurant options, jobs and overall quality of life.

To travel to Richmond means to first determine where you are relative to the city of Houston. Richmond is southeast of Houston and that means accessing this town is best done via Highway 69 or Highway 90. For anyone who has visited another town in Fort Bend County, Sugar Land, you should be familiar with this area. Continue southwest on either Highway 90 or Highway 69 past Sugar Land and you will find yourself in Richmond. If you heading to Richmond from anywhere north or west of Houston then The Grand Parkway or State Highway 99 is a toll road that can get you directly to Fort Bend County.

Once you visit Richmond you may well decide to move at the earliest time you are able. Pecan Grove, Edgewood, Richmond Landing and Rivers Edge are just a few of the attractive and appreciating neighborhoods in the town of Richmond. If you are planning to rent upon arrival in Richmond then Town and Country apartments, the Fairway at Bellevue and Williamsburg Apartments are located near to downtown as well as Highway 90.

Last, if you need to attend court for a family law case then you should know that the Fort Bend County Justice Center is located at 1422 Eugene Heimann Circle in Richmond. If you are on Highway 69 then exit Williams Way Blvd and Richmond Parkway in order to find yourself right in front of the courthouse once you travel west for a few miles. A state of the art courthouse, Fort Bend County provides amenities typically only found in larger county courthouses.

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