Transportation in Richmond, TX

Transportation in Richmond, TX

Moving to a new area requires learning about several different subjects in the new area that you will be calling home. One of those areas that you will need to learn more about if you plan on moving to Richmond is transportation in Richmond, specifically traveling around this area of Texas. Not only is Richmond a historic city in Texas and the county seat for Fort Bend County but it is also a growing town and suburb of Houston.

Being this close to Houston carries with it the assumption that traffic and congestion are as important to life in Richmond as they are in Houston. As with any growing suburban community Richmond is experiencing impacts from the large amount of people that have moved here in recent years. A favorable economic and jobs climate combined with friendly and hospitable locals makes Richmond and extremely attractive place to call home. However, what you will find in Richmond are multiple ways to travel around both locally and across Southeast Texas.

For starters, highways 59 and 90 travel east and West through Richmond. In fact, both highways begin east of the city of Houston and go directly through Houston until you reach the western city limits. In Fort Bend County the major towns of Sugarland, Richmond and Rosenberg all have parts of town that are connected by these highways. Whether you work within the city of Richmond or in Houston it is likely that you will travel on Highways 90 or 59 to get to and from work.

State Hwy 99, known locally as the grand Parkway, is a toll road that in circles Harris and Fort Bend counties. If you work in western Harris County, then it is likely that you will travel on Hwy 99 frequently as you find the most convenient way to reach work. While it may cost money to travel on this road it is also much more convenient in terms of day-to-day travel than to try and use highway 6 or any other surface streets to try to travel long distances.

Fort Bend County transportation services also provides bus routes that typically operate along a fixed route in Fort Bend County. However, if you contact the city of Richmond or Fort Bend County transportation through their website the bus service can deviate from the fixed route to pick you up from a home, childcare facility or your employers office. The typical route for these buses is along highways 90 and 36 in addition to FM 1640 and FM 762. The heart of Richmond business center, City Hall, doctors’ offices and the Fort Bend County Justice Center are all included on these routes. Bus service typically begins around 7:00 o’clock in the morning and ends at 5:00 in the evening.

Finally, Houston in the metropolitan area including Richmond is served by two major airports. The first being George HW Bush intercontinental airport in north Harris County. This is the main airport in the city and is one of the busiest international travel hubs in the country. Additionally, closer to Richmond is hobby airport located on the southeast side of Houston. For domestic flights as well as flights to the Caribbean and Central America hobby airport offers a convenient location for you to travel both for business and pleasure.

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